Family Owned & Operated Texas Wholesale Furniture Co. Creating Telecommute Jobs for Houstonians & Texans Via Social Media and Having Fun!


Houston Based Texas Wholesale Furniture Co. is a Family Owned and Operated Business run by Husband and Wife Team Brandon & Naima Townsend and they're having some fun helping to create jobs in Houston TX. Texas Wholesale Furniture Co. has done something to create jobs that no other Houston Company or Houston Furniture Store has done to date. They have successfully created job opportunities for Houstonians using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram….etc. for their Marketing. Some of their top Contributors earn up to an extra $700 per week by simply sharing posts from Texas Wholesale Furniture Co.

It's simple, Texas Wholesale Furniture Ads are posted via social media. Friends looking for Furniture Click the ad & browse the website. After browsing they have the opportunity to purchase online, go back and ask their friends questions prior to the purchase, or call to speak with a Texas Wholesale Furniture sales representative. This makes for a more personable experience.Upon completion of purchase, the Social Media Contributor/Employee gets paid 7 days after the transaction is complete. What makes this job model unique is the employee sets his or her own schedule and does not have to be present to complete the sale. The staff at Texas Wholesale Furniture completes the transaction.

 Amidst 2015 oil and gas layoffs impacting the Houston economy the couple began outsourcing 20% of its Marketing efforts to real people. Texas Wholesale Furniture Co hired real Houstonians with social media savvy to post Texas Wholesale Furniture ads to their personal Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages in addition to other social media platforms. Within 2 weeks of posting Individual Contributors and Business Partners like Sean Pratt Jr. , David Thompson, Jarrid Harris, Tenial Wilson, were receiving their first checks in the mail.

The couple says that Social Media is great for business and job creation because 90% of people already use social media and Social Media is a non-intrusive way to engage prospective clients and build rapport, allowing people to get answers and referrals from individuals they already know and trust; their Friends. The couple plans to outsource up to 50% of Texas Wholesale Furniture Co's Marketing via social media by late 2017.

Naima Townsend says “when you buy from Texas Wholesale Furniture Co you are helping to create jobs for Houstonians and stimulate the local economy because we put the profits right back into the communities by hiring TEXANS…Houston Texans!”

The company plans to launch its Nationwide Campaign to create jobs late 2017.