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Work From Home


Get signed up TODAY! Become a Brand Ambassador! Click "PURCHASE" Below to get started.

No Selling involved. Just use your Social Media Accounts to post the Ads & Links we send you.

You can have fun and earn on your own time! If you would like to really work from home using Social Media to refer Clients over and earn your own money on your own time by participating in the Texas Wholesale Furniture Referral Program, see the information below. It’s easy.

You only need 3 things to get started.

1.       Facebook or IG Account

2.       Cell Phone, Laptop, or Access to A Computer

3.       $15.99 for Your Broker Associate ID so we can set up your Referral Account

How it works: It’s simple because everyone has furniture in their homes!

1. wholesales High-End Furniture & Mattresses.

Once You’re set up as a Brand Ambassador . You post the Links and Advertising we provide via social media along with your Broker ID. These Ads let your friends, family, and followers know that you’ve become a Brand Ambassador with Texas Wholesale Furniture and we will offer wholesale pricing discount furniture for them, similar to Direct Buy.

2.       When your friends, family, and followers purchase furniture or mattresses from us, you get 5% of every purchase. We ship Nationwide all over the USA so you can feel free to share the links and advertising with whomever you please.

3.       You Get Paid. You receive your Checks in the mail or Direct Deposit every 7 to 10 Business Days after a purchase is completed. It’s really that simple.


Sign Up and Start Earning Today! There are 100 Million Homes In America and counting… all of them require some type of Furniture. We are bringing on our first 100 Brand Ambassadors now so join TODAY. This is a limited opportunity.

If you have questions, call us at 832-590-0697.



If 5 Referrals Purchase Per Week… Your Referral Bonus = $200

If 10 Referrals Purchase Per Week… Your Referral Bonus = $500

If 20 Referrals Purchase Per Week… Your Referral Bonus = $1000

If 40 Referrals Purchase Per Week… Your Referral Bonus = $2000

(Break Down Based on Referrals Spending $999 per purchase or more. If Purchase Price is less than $999 Referral Bonus is adjusted to reflect such.)

Click PURCHASE Below and Get Your Texas Wholesale Brand Ambassador ID TODAY!


Thanks for Your Consideration!

Questions? Call Us 832-590-0697

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